padre pedro


"When I met Peter (Pedro) Opeka during a visit to Madagascar in 1977, I wrote in my diary: “Arriving in the courtyard of the mission center in Vangaindrano, we were surrounded by a swarm of chattering, inquisitive children. Out of the crowd there came forward, like a young Moses in the midst of his people, the warm and personable Peter Opeka. There is something indestructibly young and refreshing about him. It is of such stuff that heroes are made.”

Peter Opeka, born in Argentina of Slovenian refugee parents, the spiritual child of St. Vincent de Paul, having saved thousands of people from the bondage of poverty and despair, has become internationally known and has often been compared to Mother Teresa whom he deeply admires. It is only fitting that the English-speaking world, too, should become acquainted with him."
From the Foreword by Cardinal Franc Rode

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